Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vocabulary Parade

As discussed at the curriculum night (if you were able to make it), I have sent home the vocabulary parade assignment.  We have sent it home early, to make sure that you have plenty of time to get it done.  The first part is to find 4 new and interesting words and write their definitions.  This is not due until October 11th! If you do not have a dictionary at home, you can use www.dictionary.com as a resource.

On October 11th, I will be looking at the four words and picking just one for our vocabulary parade.  From there students will create costumes that demonstrate their word.  Please read the instructions I sent home for more specifics and examples.

The costumes are due October 30th, and the parade will be on the 31st.  As stated at the curriculum night, this is their first opportunity to practice speaking in front of a crowd.  Therefore, no parents will be invited to this event.  There will be the opportunity for parents to attend our wax museum in the spring.  I will be taking pictures of the event and sharing it on the blog!  So stay tuned in October!

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