Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Time - Topic 12

One of the hardest things for most 3rd graders is telling time.  Since many people no longer wear watches with faces (not digital) we might need a little more practice using a clock.  This site allows you to see a clock with real time where you can add/delete time and it has a digital clock next to it that you can see or hide to help check your work.  It's really neat!  Click here to practice using a clock!
Also: Time Matching Game and  Telling Time Basketball Game

Time to the Minute (and the worksheet)
Printable clocks for at home practice
Time Keeper -
Time Tunnel  Warning: this may cause some to get dizzy

Elapsed Time
How to Use a Open Number line for Elapsed Time

What Time Will It Be?
Math Maven's Mysteries - Elapsed Time Crime Solving 
Elapsed Time Quiz 

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