Monday, April 29, 2013

Measurement Unit

Topic 15 in enVision covers the topics Volume and Capacity.  Below are some links to those.  In addition, I have included other measurement topics that should be a good review (and maybe even challenge).

Units of Measure:
Why do we measure?
Metric Unit prefixes explained
PBS Kids Measurement Games

 Khan Academy: Units of Volume
 Volume word problems

Capacity Video  (U.S. customary unit)
Artie Ounces Soda (U.S. customary units)


Graphing Data:
Illuminations: Data Grapher
Picto Parking:  (a game where you play a valet driver that helps you practice making and describing a pictograph)

Length (This is no longer a 3rd grade standard, but great for those who want to try)
Interactive Measurement Activities 
Inchy Picnic:  (measure how far the ant needs to go in inches using a ruler)


Exploring Measurement
More science lessons on Measurements at  
PBS Kids: Pan Balance (introduction to scales)
PBS Kids: Poodle Weight In (introduction to scales) 
Mostly Postie: Weighing mail in the metric system
Length & Weight Measurement Games

Think you've mastered them all?  Do you want a challenge?  Can you convert mass, volume, and length in the metric system?  Try this!

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