Monday, January 12, 2015


We've been working hard on creating Limerick poems.  Limerick's have an AABBA rhyme pattern.  Check out our creative poems!

There once was a man named Fred
His bed was covered with red
It had red blankets
They all said rockets
He had a stuffed animal named Ned

"My Stick"
There once was a small brother
who ran away from his mother
"I lost my stick"
he said with a kick
and went to go find another

There once was a very sly fox
and then she got sick with the pox.
She knitted a loop
and then ate some soup
out of a very small box.

"The Clown"
There was a very lazy clown
he was super mad that he drown
He lost his daughter
He is now in water
Now every single person has a frown

"Mr. Fox"
Mr. Fox was an old blue box
that had the chicken pox
He went down the street
to get some old meat
so he goes for a knock.

There once was a cat named Pat.
He ate my ugly rat that was fat.
Now he is dead
and in my bed
and that was the end of that.

There once was a very wide cat
Who sat on a really big hat
That had very big spikes
that made the cat say yikes!
Who was on the even bigger mat

"Jerry's Berries"
There once was a guy named Jerry
Jerry went to get a berry
Then he sat on a cat
that was really fat
then he got another berry.

"Cat Named Dat"
Once there was a cat named Dat
he loved to play with a cat
but he is too lazy
to smell the daisies
he wouldn't even chase a rat

There once was a cat that was fat
he had a chat with a bat
the cat said "hi"
the bat said "goodbye"
and that was the end of that.

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