Friday, March 7, 2014

Room 13's Clerihew Poems

On Tuesday, our class learned how to write clerihew poems!  They follow the a, a, b, b pattern.  Some students wanted to share their awesome work!  Check them out!

"The Store"
Tom went to the store
He found something he adores
It fit him just right
Now Tom saw a kite


"The Beach Ball"
At the beach there was a ball
When a baby saw the ball it tried to crawl
The baby was chased by the dad
Then rad tried to chase but he was too mad


"Dunked by Russell"
Russell Westbrook dunked the ball,
not one little thing stopped him at all.
After that he did a little celebration,
thinking he's the best in the nation."


"Michael Jordan's Key Skills"
Michael Jordan could jump so high,
people were saying, "He can practically fly!"
He was also fast he was there and there,
in fact he was pretty much everywhere!"


"Lebron James"
Lebron James shot the ball
On the wall over Jon's wall
After that he did a little dance
In the country France


"Funny Bunny"
Bunny, bunny you are so funny
Bunny, bunny you are so funny bunny
Funny you are so funny
Bunny Bunny don't be fusy, be funny.


Jessica loves her cake.
She eats it by the lake.
Then one day the cake ran away
She never found it until May!


I have an annoying brother.
We always complain to our mother
Then one day in bed,
"I'm sorry." my brother said.


Nate is eight
and he is very great
He keeps his loot
in a stinky boot.


"My Dad"
My dad is not cool
he uses only one tool.
He has big pails
of rusty old nails.


Carl's a goat
who likes to go on the boat.
Then he got a nail
and it hit someone's sail.

-Emma N.

"Mr. Henry and the Mall."
Mr. Henry was at the mall
and surely he does love it all
but the only store he likes
is the one that only sells kites.


My sister Jill
she does not like to take a pill
when she does she makes a fuss
so that makes me run for the bus.


"Gloria and Bob"
My old friend Gloria
she can really bore ya!
My other friend Bob
he is a terrible hog.

There was a fox
and he was as big as an ox
Then it was dya
and he went to the bay.


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