Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Room 13's Odes

We learned about Odes last Friday and had a chance to work on them some more on Monday.  We picked foods that we loved and wrote a poem about them!

"An Ode to Chocolate Chips"
You look so smooth
so smooth and dark
and scrumptious too.
Oh chocolate chip,
I just might eat you.

In my mouth you're so rich
and you certainly taste divine.
Oh chocolate chip, oh chocolate chip,
you're all mine!

The smell of you is quite delightful,
so sweet, so sweet.
Oh chocolate chip,
you smell so much better than meat!


"Ode to Tacos"
Tacos, oh tacos
I can't resist your cheese
When I put salsa on you
we salsa dance you and me

Tacos, oh tacos
you remind me of Mexico
We get out our maracas
and keep rocking all night long

Tacos, oh tacos
your rough shell on my tongue
the meat absorbs in my mouth
while the cheese melts in my mouth, yum!

Tacos, oh tacos
I couldn't live without you
Tacos, oh tacos
I love you delicious tacos!


"Ode to Grilled Cheese"
Grilled cheese all so golden brown
I haven't seen anything like you
You look so good
you look like my favorite food.

You have yellow cheese
and it's so gooey
it melts in my mouth.
I love your cheese so much.


"Ode to Bacon"
Oh Bacon, oh Bacon
you're greasy fat
all crispy and crunch
the grease on my finger is yummy
and you are ending up in my tummy.

Oh Bacon, oh Bacon
the chopped up pig is a delight
and that's always why I love pigs
Especially my taste buds like it.


"Ode to Cupcakes"
Oh cupcakes,
you're so sweet
you are so smooth and creamy
in my mouth

Oh cupcakes,
when I see you
you remind me of a cake
you look so tempting

Oh cupcakes,
you smell very mouthwatering
you smell so sweet
I wish I could eat you every day.


"Ode to Brownies"
Oh brownies,
you are so gooey
and you are well

Oh brownies,
and when you
wear your icing dress
you are delightful

Oh brownies,
you're crispy top
so flakey and


"Ode to Bacon"
Oh bacon,
you're so mouth watering good
with your crispy waves
so frozen as could be

Oh bacon,
you look so hard
disappoinitng when you break in one bite.

Oh bacon,
your hard chippy crunch
and you're so warm and fresh.


"Ode to Apples"
Oh apples!
you taste like sweetness
you taste juicy

Oh apples!
you feel like a ball
you feel hard adn smooth

Oh apples!
you smell like sugar
you smell like you, sweet

-Emma N

Oh taco,
you look like a ditch
full of colored rocks
Satisfying me!

Oh taco,
your cheese and rice
and all you have
is so delicious to me!

Oh taco,
from meat to vegetables
you smell so
yum and devine!

Oh taco,
you are so lucky
and so am I
to have you right there!


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